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Since its founding at the turn of the millennium, Western Aviation has continually aimed higher, evolving into a leader in the Private Jets industry.

Western Aviation Initiatives

Through extensive use of the Internet, Western Aviation eliminates traditional barriers to bring exceptional value and service to clients around the world.

We Deliver Excellence

In a field that demands perfection, we demand no less from ourselves. At Western Aviation, we strive to deliver excellence in all we do and provide customer service that goes above and beyond the norm.

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Our Team

Our team of aviation consultants around the world have the most extensive aviation insight the market has to offer. Comprising some of the industry’s leading experts, the Western Aviation Consultancy team includes ASA certified appraisers, experts in accidents and economists. Our team has a global view of all areas of the market, bringing you the essential context of changes in the market and the opportunities and risks for you.

Our Methodology

Our unique, sophisticated modelling underpins our views on the market which help support our opinion on aircraft valuations, fleet growth forecast and asset ratings. Our internal opinion is benchmarked on a continuous basis, providing you with the industry’s most reliable data. Our unique data, expert team and robust methodology provide you with an independent and trusted view.

Our Experience

For over five decades our team has delivered thousands of independent and trusted valuations and reports each year to help companies make the right decisions to drive profitable performance. The market voted us appraiser of the year for 4 of the last 5 years.

Our Compensation

Our aviation consultants are paid a commission… based on successful results. We do not get paid until you sell or acquire your aircraft.
We are driven by providing you the best value.
We are focused on our customer’s needs.
For Aircraft Appraisals, we charge a flat-rate fee for the project based on the scope of work. Travel is added if travel is requested by the customer.

Our Data

Our incomparable database containing over 45 million pieces of historical and present data on valuations, fleets, assets and aircraft, offers you the most complete and trusted advice. Our unbroken run of data gives you and the team the reliable context to make decisions today and plan for the future.

Our Scope of Work

Our scope of work includes
Airport Consulting
Aircraft Parts Company Consulting
Private Jet Charter Company Consulting
Aircraft Maintenance Business Consulting

What Customers are Saying

“David saved me over a million dollars on the purchase of a pre-owned Cessna Caravan. I had a caravan under contract and hired him to appraise the aircraft before I pulled the trigger.
The appraisal came in close to a million dollars under the contracted amount. I pulled out of the contract, David assisted me in getting a great deal on a white tail Caravan 208B EX. He assisted me with locating and engaging a great charter operator and negotiating the terms of the charter agreement. I highly recommend his service!”

Patrick Harrison

“David Fisher of Western Aviation was hired to help us acquire a Citation Latitude for our family office. We had identified several that we were interested in and one, in particular, that was located overseas. He not only flew to the aircraft and provided a hands-on and visual inspection of the aircraft, but he also provided an appraisal which helped us in determining our best offer. In addition, he negotiated on our behalf and then arranged the inspection of the aircraft in the USA.
Once the inspection was completed, he helped us import the aircraft onto an “N” registry and enroll the aircraft into a charter agreement.

We would consider the services of this company in the future and recommend Western Aviation to other aircraft owners or prospective owners.”

Raymond MasonLos Angeles

“David Fisher of Western Aviation is the consummate professional in everything he does from aircraft/helicopter sales to aircraft/helicopter charter and specifically appraisals. David Fisher’s appraisals are detailed and professionally constructed. David knows his way around an aircraft and helicopter and the logbooks. I would use his services without hesitation.”

A. Latiff

“As the prior CFO at Epic Energy Resources, David Fisher was very helpful at working to help us sell a Citation in a very challenging market. I recommend Dave for his appraisal services and skills and knowledge of the aircraft industry. Dave is very aggressive and served us very well.””

Michael Kinney

“Western Aviation took on the challenge of selling our Starship and was successful in making the sale. They managed all the advertising, client inquiries, worked well with our Management Company and Maintenance Company to bring the transaction to a satisfactory conclusion. On two separate occasions, David Fisher appeared in person to demo our aircraft, ensuring that we had qualified buyers and minimized our involvement. Western Aviation and specifically, David Fisher handled our transaction with the utmost professionalism and were constantly in communication with myself and my staff. We would certainly consider Western Aviation for meeting our future needs.”

S.S. Huntington Beach, CA

“Buying an airplane always presents a few challenges and dealing with the right broker can make the difference in success or failure. The purchase of my 501SP turned into a lengthy process when confronted with inspection difficulties and a foreign seller. David Fisher and his team went to work at each road block to clear the way so that the process could continue toward closing. In the end, I believe both the seller and buyer got what they wanted, and felt that a fair deal was struck. I’ve never been involved in an airplane transaction that proved to be this complicated. Western did a fantastic job in sorting it all out and securing the sale. G.S.”

Flowood, MS

“Western Aviation did a fantastic job in securing the sale of our aircraft and acted professionally and fairly on behalf of both the seller and the purchaser. They had a realistic perspective of the transaction and all parties were satisfied with the result.”

E Sullivan

“David, as you’re already aware, I’ve been buying and selling aircraft for a number of years, over 50 aircraft at last count. In these numerous transactions, I have delt with some of the biggest names in the aircraft brokerage business. Now that we’ve completed several transactions with you, in both the buyer and seller position, dealing with you and your people has always been a pleasure. The thing that has always impressed me with your company is the level of enthusiasm and professionalism that your entire organization puts forth in getting a deal done. I’m happy to tell you that your company gives a level of service not commonly found in the aircraft brokerage business. It‘s a refreshing change. Thanks again.”

J.L. Wilkes Barrea, PA

“In Reference to the development of such a business, I will like to give you my point of view. It helped us a lot with the fast feedback from your company on the aircraft chosen for us, so I can be sure that I’m counting on you for a near-future business we might be involved in. The personal touch with Mr. Fisher was a great help in the aircraft acceptance and his willing to deal with the customer on any last request from our side. Moreover, I learned what kind of company Western Aviation is and the team that supports such a fast and good response as you have all the answers handy, giving the idea of a very professional and dedicated company to meet its goals. Thank you for your all-around support and follow up.”


“Thank you very much for the productive handling of the sale of 284DB. You took it on and did as you said you would. I appreciate your effective workings. Job well done.”


“I have worked with David Fisher for several years. He represented me and recently sold my aircraft. He worked hard to do this and was always very informative and timely in his dealings with me. I considered him a fine businessman with outstanding knowledge in the aircraft felid and would recommend him highly.”

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