Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge broker applied fuel surcharge?

Absolutely not! Our program is designed to be all-inclusive with no hidden fees or changing costs.  No Markups, fully transparent pricing.

Am I charged for repositioning, taxi, waiting or any other charges?

Western Aviation passes all charter expenses onto the customer at wholesale rates.  We can and will show you our actual invoice.  We look for the safest, lowest-priced trip possible with no markups.  Our fee is the management cost which is fully disclosed for every Air Charter Cardholder and varies on the card you purchase.  Simple pricing, fully transparent.  The only additional fees are for third-party costs such as de-icing, catering, ground transportation, and WiFi.

Can I upgrade or downgrade without penalties?

Yes, you may! We can factor in your hours based on the class of jet you utilize for each trip.  You can fly whatever aircraft best suits your mission at the best price.  No Markups, fully transparent pricing.

Do my funds expire?

No they do not expire. You may use your hours with no penalties at whatever time and date you wish.  Your funds never expire, and unused funds are fully refundable.

Does the cardholder have to be on board the aircraft?

No, the cardholder does not need to be on board; however, written documentation does have to be granted to utilize the hours on the card. 

How much notice do you require to book an aircraft?

Western Aviation can have your wheels up with as little as a 2-hour notice. However, prior notice is recommended if possible to ensure availability. As an air charter broker, Western Aviation has access to thousands of aircraft and will contract with a direct air carrier to get you the aircraft you need, when and where you need it.

Are there any additional fees with your program?

No, there aren’t! Our program is designed to include air transportation, all Federal Excise Tax as well as segment fees, so you are never surprised. You will not be charged for any re-positioning, wait time, or overnight fees, rather Western Aviation absorbs these costs as part of the flat fee for flight hours. See our  Western Aviation terms and conditions for information on third-party costs such as de-icing, specialty catering, ground transportation, and WiFi.