MANUFACTURER : Textron Aircraft CompanyYEARS BUILT : 2016 – Present
SER # RANGE : 7000001 & UpTYPE : Business Jet
WEIGHT CLASS : MediumGeneral Market Price Range: $19,000k – $ 21,000k
The Citation Longitude is a transcontinental business jet utilizing twin turbofan powerplants and fully integrated digital avionics. It features a swept wing with winglets and a “T” style empennage. Two FADEC-7 controlled Honeywell HTF7700L turbofan engines are pylon-mounted on the rear fuselage. A pressurized cabin with a flat floor accommodates a crew of two plus eight passengers in the standard configuration. The Citation Longitude is certified to the requirements of U.S. 14 CFR, Part 25, Transport Category including day, night, VFR & IFR flight into known icing conditions and Category II operations. The Citation Longitude also meets the requirements for 14 CFR, Part 36, Noise Standards and 14 CFR, Part 34, Fuel Venting and Exhaust Emission Requirements. The Citation Longitude is eligible for 14 CFR 135 operations when limited to 9 passengers. It received its FAA certification on September 23, 2019.