Hermeus Brings Aircraft Factory to Atlanta

Hermeus, the company with the goal of building the first Mach 5 aircraft, has secured a 110,000 sq. ft. factory in Atlanta to build the world’s fastest aircraft.

The factory will be built out to become a world-class aircraft assembly building — including light manufacturing and structures and testing.

“Vertical integration is a core tenet at Hermeus,” said Founder and CTO Glenn Case. “In addition to the flight-scale propulsion test capability at our Site 27 Test Facility, this factory will allow us to build our first aircraft — conducting structures, avionics and other major subsystem testing all in-house.”

The factory is located “inside the perimeter” (as Atlantans like to say) and will serve as Hermeus’ headquarters with space available for hundreds of employees.

In selecting this location, Hermeus is proving its commitment to Atlanta and expanding its footprint. In addition to this factory, Hermeus has a test facility nine minutes away at Dekalb-Peachtree Airport.

“Atlanta offers us a unique opportunity to grow into a large, affordable facility within a thriving urban environment,” said Founder and CEO AJ Piplica. “Georgia has a deep history in aviation, and we’re committed to growing our team right here as we build the future.”

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Posted By: Hermeus – May 6 2021

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