The Value of Private Aviation

The value of private aviation comes to provide solutions to the different global challenges faced by companies and individuals. Here are some reasons, companies rely on private aviation.

Travel where the commercial airlines cannot. 

Commercial airlines can reach around 450 airports worldwide but for private jets, on the other hand, these can reach more than 6000 airports worldwide, so the opportunities are endless really. In 2018, pilots surveyed by the NBAA reported that 42.5% of their flights were to towns with little or no airline service—and 31.5% of their flights were to destinations that have never been serviced by commercial airlines.   Business aviation helps companies go beyond the scope of a commercial flight, especially if your business needs to reach destinations that do not draw the demand of commercial airlines.  This is where business aviation can be your solution.

Increase Shareholder Value.

The NBAA found that 500 companies that use business aviation outperform those that do not by 68%, and business aircraft users outperform non-users by 21% in revenue growth.  Plus if you consider the time savings, the productivity, and the acceleration of strategic transaction that enables shareholders to reach more in less time.

Productivity En Route.

Consider a private jet as your big conference room but in the air, with features to work with a team or individually featuring internet service, phone, and conferencing options.  An NBAA survey found that business aircraft passengers spend about 63% of their time in the air working and more than 35% in meetings.  Consider this, passenger productivity is even more dramatic when you compare it to commercial aviation, the same survey found, more than 60% of passengers said to be more productive on business aircraft than in the office, while the vast majority, more than 85% said to be less productive on commercial flights than in the office.

The Flexibility Your Business Needs.

Scheduling a flight is the biggest part when you travel, and when traveling through private aircraft, scheduling becomes a tremendous flexibility to any business.  Passengers surveyed by the NBAA said more than 50% of the flights they took on business aircraft, permitted them to keep to a schedule that does not work when you use other methods of transportation including commercial flights.  In this century and during these times, business moves quickly, and business aviation allows for the flexibility to follow opportunities anywhere.

Travel to Multiple Destination in a Single Day.

A private business jet can make complicated travel less likely by making multiple stops in a single day, that is just not an option with commercial flights.  On average, surveyed pilots said that more than 40% of the trips they flew made stops at more than one location.  Causing not only optimization in time but a cost-efficiency practice by avoiding longer tips, car rentals, hotels, meals, and other travel costs.

Travel Securely and Safely.

Believe it or not, in comparison to commercial aviation, flying private is much safer, and private aviation’s high safety value drove many new flyers to fly private for the first time during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Private aircraft happens to undergo a more in-depth cleaning than commercial flights, and private passengers do not bypass terminals and airports that are congested with people.


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