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Western Aviation was established in 1999.  Founder and President, David Fisher, saw an opportunity to provide a service to the aviation community that could be beneficial to aircraft buyers, sellers, lenders, operators, attorneys, and insurances alike.  Despite having these services already in the market, David Fisher believes most have lacked the comprehensive attention to detail that is uniquely necessary when evaluating an aircraft and its records.

Western Aviation believes that rather than providing a value to a client that comes directly from a reference guide, it is far superior to apply the knowledge and experience of a qualified appraiser and consultant who has physically examined the subject aircraft in order to arrive at an accurate opinion of value. In addition to a thorough physical inspection of the aircraft and records, the most recent market data, derived from numerous sources, is employed in order to provide our clients with a clear picture of where the subject aircraft falls in comparison with the overall market.

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Appraisal Services

We offer certified and desktop appraisals, along with future value projections and book value services.

Aircraft Acquisition

Finding the right aircraft is a time-consuming process.  We make the job easy for you with our unique approach.

Consulting Services

Whether you need an expert in aircraft valuation, or in any other segment of the aviation industry, our aviation professionals are able to provide sound advice and guidance for any aviation-related matters.

Expert Witness

Our appraisers have extensive experience in many areas of aviation including airline operations, flight instruction, corporate flight departments, and general aviation.

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